Video & Motiongraphics

As I started of with photography it didn't take long before I was attracted to the world of video. What I love about film is that it is so powerfull. You can make camera movements, you can add audio to set an atmosphere, you can manipulate time, there's just no better way of telling a story and bringing out a message. I think the next quote says it all:

"Movies touch our hearts, awaken our vision and change the way we see things. They take us to other places. They open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive."
- Martin Scorsese -

Felicia Van Ham Photography

2015 Video interview with former photography student Felicia Van Ham, currently making her way as a fashion photographer. It was a great experience talking to her and seeing her in action.

Promovideo KDG

2014 Fictional promovideo for our school Karel De Grote hogeschool. It gives a good impression of what a day at our campus looks like.

Lego Stopmotion

2013 lego stopmotion For school we had to make a stopmotionvideo in pairs of two. We decided to make a stopmotion with lego. We had a few basic ideas but most of the story was made on the go... Music from one of my favorite movies "Django Unchained". The video plays at 4fps. There were a total of 842 still images taken.

Nikon Filmfestival 2011

2011 One of my dreams has always been to make my own shortmovie. When I saw a commercial for the Nikon short film festival, I thought this is the time. So a few weeks later my brother and I went on a trip to the Ardennes and started filming. We were short on time so we had to improvise a story. I did the filming and my brother digitally created the amazing dinosaurs. We ended up in the top 5 from a selection over one hundred videos. Selected by a jury including the Belgian film director Jan Verheyen. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again sometime.

Flash frame by frame animation

2011 During the first year we had to make a small video to promote our course MCT. I chose to draw a frame by frame animation in flash. I decided to make a funny video about the topic windows vs mac, because it was a common discussion in our class. The windowssoundremix is done by someone else, but I can't find the source nomore to give him credit for it. The movie runs at 12fps.

After Effects Particle Video

2009 I've always been really into video and post production. When I discovered this plug-in I immediately felt in love with it. At that time I was really inspired by the screenvision-intro you used to see in Cinema. My favorite and most difficult scene was the one with the red spirals, starting at 0:21.